Free Mobile Friendliness Report

Google Mobile Friendly Report

Google Mobile Friendly Report

Are You Ready For Google Mobile Updates?

You Must Be Mobile Friendly Now

Google takes the mobile friendliness of every website into account when calculating mobile rankings. Mobile devices are not only smart phones. Tablets are considered mobile devices, as well.

Is your website Mobile Friendly? If your website is more than a couple years old, it probably is not. In that case, you run the risk of losing up to 50% of your traffic, that’s 50% of your potential customers. Desk top computers are being phased out by many people. Just because they are at home, doesn’t mean that stop using their smart phones.

You can bet that your competitors have already optimized their websites for mobile search. You need to get in the mobile game immediately!


We have prepared a FREE Mobile Friendliness Report that will tell you if your website meets all Google requirements and is optimized correctly for the Mobile index.

The Weapons of SEO FREE “Mobile Friendliness Optimization Report” will tell you if your website is mobile friendly, and if not; what you need to do to make it so.

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