Marketing Plan

Before you begin creating your website, you need to come up with a complete Internet Marketing Plan. Just as you did when you set your initial business plan, you need to map out your entire marketing strategy.

By just jumping in without a “big-picture” view, you will end up redoing things numerous times to get to your ultimate goal, which is a COMPLETE marketing plan, utilizing all that the Internet has to offer while leaving no stone unturned.

The days of relying solely on your website are a thing of the past. You must create a full and wide-ranging Internet footprint, which encompasses your website, social media platforms, review sites and more.

Years ago, Google, and the other search engines, looked at your website and determined what each page was about, based on the keywords you optimized that page for. And that’s only if you optimized correctly; which most people didn’t. Today Google looks at your website as a whole to determine who you are, what your business is and ultimately to decide if you’re more of an expert than your competition. They also take your entire Internet footprint into account when making that determination.

Knowing what Google is looking for helps us create the plan, making sure to cover all bases. Only after we have the plan fully developed, do we set about creating the website, social media profiles and review website accounts.

There is no “magic bean” for bringing traffic to your website. We know what needs to be done, we just need to take the time to do it. When you follow the proper protocol, you will develop your Internet Presence and and bring potential customers to your door.

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